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Visiting Bushkill Falls Pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls is one of the neatest outdoor attractions in the state of Pennsylvania. The park, which is located in the Pocono Mountains, has several hiking trails and eight waterfalls. These waterfalls are Bushkill Falls, Bridesmaid Falls, Laurel Glen Falls, Pennell Falls, and three falls that don’t have names. Each one of the waterfalls is very beautiful and is frequently visited by both locals and tourists. Because of this, Bushkill Falls is often called the “Niagara Falls” of Pennsylvania. The park is a fun and exciting place to visit.

There are a lot of outdoor activities that people can engage in while visiting Bushkill Falls. People can ride paddle boats, play miniature golf, bird watch, and much more. There is a lot of wildlife in the area to be observed, so Bushkill Falls is definitely the place to go for people who love watching animals. Everyone who visits Bushkill Falls should also take time to go inside the Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit. This exhibit is located near the entrance and is very educational. Because of this, it is a wonderful place for parents to take their children to teach them about wildlife and nature. If one wants to purchase a souvenir at Bushkill Falls, there are several really nice gift shops there. These shops are Main Stand, Nature Nook, Fudge Kitchen, Trading Post, and Outfitters.

One of the main reasons that Bushkill Falls is such a fun place to visit is because there are so many outdoor recreation opportunities there. Another reason is the great natural beauty of the area. There are so many beautiful plants, trees, and animals. It really is one of the best places in the state of Pennsylvania to visit.

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